September 26, 2012

CNC cutting fish

After our fish went over so well the first time, here, we figured it would be a nice thing to donate some more fish to a cancer fundraiser for my father-in-law.

A few fish prepping for a bath.


Trying something new.  I never enjoy grinding mill scale off steel so a 4:1 ratio of Muriatic Acid to water does the job for me.


What the fish look like after the acid dip, compared to the hot rolled material it came from. Bye bye mill scale!


Scotchbrite and blowtorch, works every time. They were sealed with boiled linseed oil and a coat of carnuba wax.


Mixed it up by adding a copper rod to the muriatic acid and leaving these two pieces in at the same time. Semi plated them with copper and gave it a translucent pink hue.


September 4, 2012

Designing and building a lightbar for Toyota Rav4

We put a lot of miles on the Mint Design Rav4, and not always in the best weather conditions.  It was time for a lighting upgrade.

3D model.


The design allows the two CNC cut plates to be linked together and then bolted to clamp onto the crash bar.

IMG_4713 IMG_4718

Wired up and one step closer…

IMG_6043 IMG_6048 IMG_6049

And installed!