Tube and Pipe Bending

At Mint Design we have the ability to bend tube and pipe for a variety of projects.  Everything from roll cages to roof racks to handrails.  We have the ability to model a tubular structure in 3D CAD, export the necessary data and produce formed tubes that meet the model.

Due to the enormous variety of dies available (for different size tubing/pipe as well as bend radius), in order to reduce cost and overhead we purchase dies as needed, so if we don’t have the appropriate die in stock it’s usually not a problem to get it on order to complete the job.

Bend Capacity:

Tubing size:

Ø1/2″ – Ø2″ (outside diameter) round tube up to 0.134″ wall thickness

1/2″ – 1-1/2″ square tube up to 0.083″ wall thickness

Pipe size:

Ø1/4″ – Ø1-1/2″ Schedule 40 pipe

Types of tubing/pipe:



Mild Steel – HREW, CREW and DOM

Stainless Steel