Dimple Die – Flared Holes

Mint Design has the ability to dimple die or flare sheet metal panels in virtually any type of metal.  Randomly placed flared holes will actually make a structure weaker, however strategically placed flared holes can improve a panel’s stiffness which ultimately will improve an overall structure’s strength.  There are a few things to consider when flaring a sheet metal panel; factor of safety, locations of highest stress, direction of bowing and/or degrees of twist are a few of the factors to consider.

We have done countless FEA of various types of panels and configurations in loading; this allows us the knowledge to achieve the ideal location for removing material and stiffening and/or strengthening the panel. The direction and location of the flared hole is extremely important, for example one direction of a flared hole can improve panel strength while flared the other direction will improve panel stiffness. This knowledge comes from our in house FEA results and analysis which we apply to any panel undergoing this treatment.

Flare Capacity:

Hole size:






Material thickness:

0.125″ in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel

dimple die

Take a look in our blog for a snippet of the dimple die FEA testing we have performed.