CNC Plasma Cutting and Engraving

Here at Mint Design we have the ability to offer in house CNC plasma cutting and engraving services.  The cut quality with our CNC setup ensures that there is minimal cleanup, minimal taper and a clean smooth edge.  This allows for less prep work down the road when the part is bolted up, welded or simply standing on it’s own.  Our quality CNC plasma cut edge rivals some laser cut parts that we’ve had cut for us in the past also the per piece cost of our system is lower cost than laser or waterjet cutting.

We can take everything from a sketch on a napkin to an engineered drawing, and cut out and/or engrave what is needed.  Once a flat pattern is created we can easily provide quoting on various types of material, material thickness and also price breaks for multiples of a part being cut/engraved.  Our lead time on cutting parts is very short, especially if we have the material in stock.  We operate our material storage with the JIT (Just In Time) principle, so if we don’t have the material in stock it’s usually a day or two away before we have it ready and on the table.

Cutting Capacity:

Max material size:

48″ x 48″ (4′ x 4′)

Piercing and cutting:

5/8″ thick steel

1/2″ thick stainless steel

1/2″ thick aluminum

Cutting from an edge:

1″ thick steel

3/4″ thick stainless steel

3/4″ thick aluminum

CNC plasma cutting

Engraving Capacity:

The CNC engraver can engrave nearly any ductile material.  Along with vector based graphics, logos, and text, engraving is useful for locating bend lines (using a very light score) or for center marking tiny holes or large holes that need to be drilled out with precision.