Powder Coating

We here at Mint Design have the ability to do small batch powder coating in house.  Anything from small parts (fit in your hand) to automotive wheels or small weldments.  This allows us to have quick turn around for parts produced in house and allows for quick access to a variety of powder coat types.

powder coat

We stock a variety of powder and have a quick lead time to thousands more.

Powder coating is the process of applying an electrostatically charged dry powder to a charged part.  Once part is coated with the dry powder the powder is cured when the part is placed in an oven, this causes the dry powder to liquefy and flow across the surface of the part and create a hard durable surface.

Due to the extreme variety of powder coat color, texture, sheen, and durability types we stock around 20 to 30 different types of powder at any point in time.  However we always have the ability to order a specific powder in house for the specific job, whether the part(s) requires to be food grade, have a specific salt spray rating, color, sheen or surface texture.

We only source and use high quality powder and use high quality equipment to apply the powder to the part prior to curing.  For example our powder coating system has a constant fluidizing hopper, 0-100kv gun output as well as fully adjustable Faraday Wave electronics that combats the Faraday cage effect by cycling the voltage output at various frequencies.  This Faraday cage effect is prominent on tight corners and recessed surfaces where the powder may not adhere as well or is applied thinner than other surfaces.  The fluidizing hopper preconditions the powder so when it arrives to the gun it will be uniform in consistency prior to being charged and emitted from the gun.  The high voltage output allows for multiple coats and greater thickness deposition.  Our equipment ensures a more even powder coat thickness across all surfaces, shapes and features which allows us to achieve a higher quality finished part.  Along with the variety of powder, high quality equipment we have all the necessary silicone plugs and high heat tape for masking off critical features that shouldn’t have powder applied.

Also prior to powdercoating we have many solutions to prepping the surface of parts prior to powder coating, one of which being media blasting or acid baths.  If you’re interested in our powdercoating service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.