Mint Design was formed off the development of ACE Engineering, a design and fabrication company that started in 2002.  The name, Mint Design, is quite fitting as it was created to move forward with a fresh new change to manufacture and invent new ideas.


  1. Any of various plants of the genus Mentha, characteristically having aromatic foliage and nearly regular flowers.  Some plants are cultivated for their aromatic oil and used for flavoring.
  2. A place or source of manufacture or invention.


  1. To intend, as for a specific purpose; plan.
  2. To form or conceive in the mind; invent.
  3. To plan and make (something) artistically or skilfully.

Mint Design is owned by Conrad Andres who is responsible for all the design, fabrication work and task management within the business.  Conrad graduated in 2003 as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist and uses this knowledge to leverage his hands on skills.  Conrad has worked for various companies and all these experiences along with working in his own shop has given him a very wide breadth of knowledge.  From working as a metrologist in a QA lab inspecting and diagnosing mechanical assembly and manufacturing issues.  To designing electrical harnesses and developing drawing standards for a worldwide manufacturer.  To designing metalwork enclosures for test fixtures,  diagnosing manufacturing issues and working with many different manufacturers and suppliers.  At the same time running a business providing custom fabricated parts based off his designs (some of which have even sparked knock-offs from around the world).

With all this Mint Design is an efficient company with a core focus on mechanical design and high quality custom fabrication.  Our designs are derived from our customer’s needs and designed with manufacturability, ease of assembly and potential future service in mind.  We have designed and built parts for customers in our local city to all around the world from automotive racing components, platforms for the oil and gas industry, test fixtures for electronics manufacturers, all the way down to email/walk in submissions that just require something unique.

Mint Design’s primary focus on fabrication work are parts that require high quality TIG welding and/or parts requiring precision CNC cut parts.  We are small enough to quote on one off projects, but big enough to do production runs with automated cutting.  At the end of the day Mint Design exists for our customers to leverage our knowledge, equipment and skills to have a fantastic product and/or to allow their company to make more money!