February 4, 2014 No Responses

Setting up equipment and updating the site

Well we’ve been busy setting up equipment and updating the site as of lately.  We moved the Baileigh box and pan brake into position and it’s now ready to be put to work.  There may be a CNC backstop being built for it in the future (time permitting of course).  The press brake has been welded up and is ready to go as well.  Here are a few photos.

setting up equipment and updating the site

There is some clamping prior to welding the angle iron piece in place.  This will reduce the chance of warping due to all the heat.  You can also see the black tick marks to ensure consistent start/stop locations while moving from either side and end to end, to attempt to spread the heat out evenly to reduce the chance of warping.  After welding the guide rods needed  a little bit of a tweak but nothing a light tap with a rubber mallet couldn’t handle.

clamping brake pressTIG weld brake press

This will be loaded into the 50 ton hydraulic press and ready for any work that comes it’s way.  Check out our updated services page.  We have now added sheet and plate bending to the list of services available from Mint Design.

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