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CNC cutting up a storm

Tonight we’ve been CNC cutting everything from 10 gauge to 3/16″ to 3/8″ mild steel material.  It’s been busy and we enjoy the variety.  CNC cutting is the backbone of our business and we keep our CNC table as busy as possible.

Another batch of door strike plates (a repeat order) used for the electrical rooms at the new Saskatoon Police Station being built.  The three pieces in the back are the gussets to be used for the new welding table we’re building at Mint Design.  The nice thing about CNC cutting is that we keep our previous cut files and link it to a cut part in the shop, that way when we need to recut more pieces we can easily nest more pieces and know where the previous parts were cut.  This ensures that when the torch is cutting it doesn’t run off the edge of the material or cause an incomplete part.

CNC cutting

Here is some of the 3/8″ steel we cut out for a local fabricator, CW Fab.  These were a one day turn around from the moment we received the files.  When we have the material in stock we can get parts CNC cut very quickly when needed.

CNC cutting

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