December 18, 2012

Cutting weld on nameplates

We enjoy supplying other fabricators parts for their projects.  Here we’re cutting out some weld on nameplates for JGG Fabrication.

weld on nameplates

December 9, 2012

Fabricating a gift

We’re making these pieces for a returning customer, they’re CNC cut out of 10 gauge 44W steel and have a few inches of plate marking. Here they are sitting in a muriatic acid bath to strip the mill scale off. Much easier more cost effective to remove the mill scale this method as opposed to using a flapper disc.  Besides it leaves a more consistent surface, which is important in this case!

Fabricating a gift

After the acid bath and a light sanding it’s all prepped and ready for a light copper plating.

Fabricating a gift

Finished with a light copper plating and sealing.

Fabricating a gift


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